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CRF Improves, Enriches, and Saves Lives in San Diego County

We are committed to improving and enriching the lives of every individual and family we serve.

Our mission is to design and deliver innovative behavioral healthcare and social services. We do so in a way that is trauma-informed and culturally competent. We provide our services with integrity and compassion, with a focus on wellness and recovery.

Career Opportunities at CRF

At CRF, we’re proud to inspire and mentor the next generation of behavioral health and social service professionals. Join us in our mission to serve more than 20,000 adults and children each year at one of our 35 programs and 70 schools throughout San Diego County.

Client Testimonials

“The program has done a lot more than I could have asked for. Very grateful to have had the chance to come here. Staff and everything is great.”

“The staff are serious about all of the clients and they always have a serious desire to help when needed. Everyone does care and I see it.”

“All staff were very helpful and hands on, trying to help me and offer much needed services, always concerned about my wellbeing. Thanks a lot for the much needed help.”

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Make A Life-Changing Donation

Help make a difference in someone’s life who is experiencing serious behavioral health concerns.