The Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) provides compassionate crisis intervention and linkage services to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. The mission of PERT is to provide high-quality crisis response services to resolve the crisis and provide linkage to the most appropriate services. 

PERT teams consist of a licensed mental health professional paired with a specially trained law enforcement officer. Together as a team, they respond on-scene to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis who have come to the attention of law enforcement. The first goal of PERT is to offer assurance of safety for everyone involved so that the individual’s crisis can be addressed.  PERT Clinicians take the lead in conducting a mental health assessment to clarify the nature of the crisis. PERT then helps the individual connect to care by providing a “warm hand off” to the most appropriate resources. 

PERT is funded by the County of San Diego – Behavioral Health Services to provide 70 teams partnered with the 11 municipal law enforcement departments throughout San Diego County. The program is funded by the County of San Diego, HHSA, Behavioral Health Services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • PERT services are available to any individual (children, adolescents, adults), family member or community member who is concerned enough to call law enforcement or 911 for assistance to ensure well-being.
  • PERT does not charge for services.

How to Refer

Referrals to PERT are made through the 911 dispatch operator.

Career Opportunities At PERT

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“There are a ton of training opportunities at this agency for clinical staff. They have online training, classroom training, and individual and group supervision. It is a lot of work, but there is a lot of support and you can easily max out on intern hours each week. They also hire and promote from within.”

“Great benefits: Health insurance, awesome PTO, paid holidays, Supervision: Amazing. You will get your hours in no-time. High quality supervisors as well. Opportunity for growth: Since there are so many locations, it’s easy to move from clinic to clinic if you want a new challenge, different position, different location, etc. Family feel: The staff are awesome and supportive. FUN Training: They make sure that you get adequate training on important things in the field. Experience: You will see every diagnosis and learn everything you need to know about mental health from this job. Great experience for moving forward in your career.”

“Extremely valuable experience with diverse populations; free, quality clinical supervision. Meaningful ‘feel-good’ work, and supervisors are supportive.”

“I have worked [at CRF for] 2+ years and I believe in this company. We are a nonprofit so the wages are about industry average, but the benefits are incredibly generous…I feel fortunate to work with a wonderful group of people. I recommend CRF and look forward to many more years of helping make our community a better place.”